WOW….Vale Harmony left the Convention stage with fantastic applause ringing  in our ears in  a packed Arena at the Venue Cymru in  Llandudno on Saturday .

We were the last of  36 choruses to sing in this year’s pressure then!…and even though the hall was huge, it  wasn’t big enough to accommodate everyone who wanted to get in.. obviously they all wanted to  hear us!

Newly promoted last year to the 3rd Division, Vale Harmony were placed  4th out of 11 in the Division.. a tremendous climb in just two years.

Competing against the cream of British Barbershopping with some huge choruses,  we were judged  25th overall…  a rise of three places on last year. Pretty good going, we think,  for a chorus of just 16 men!

A huge thanks to our  wives and girlfriends whose whoopin’ and hollerin’   spurred us on when we stepped out  on stage in front of that cheering crowd.

We delivered our first number “5ft 2, Eyes of Blue”   at a cracking pace and, when the applause died down, sang the emotional ballad “Among My Souvenirs” to end the contest.

Well Done Guys.

Vale Harmony Barbershop Chorus featured on BBC’ Midlands Today’s coverage of World Cup Songs in June 2014.

If you click on the video below  you’ll see and hear our musical contribution to England’s World Cup build up . The report is presented by Nick Owen and Vale Harmony come about two thirds of the way into it.

Click here for BBC – World Cup Music Coverage – Vale Harmony featured from Jonathan Brooke on Vimeo.

Vale Harmony –  our winning performance at the 2014 Convention

The second video is our Division Four Championship winning performance at the Annual Convention in Harrogate. Enjoy!

We sang on stage at the King’s Hall, Harrogate and our winning songs were  Yes Sir, That’s My Baby  and For All We Know

Click here for Vale Harmony at the BABS Convention   from Jonathan Brooke on Vimeo.

Promo pix May 28th 2014 018